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Oral Drug Screening

Employers across every industry rely on drug testing services for many reasons. Primarily, these services exist to keep employees safe and to ensure potentially hazardous job duties do not fall to individuals struggling with drug abuse, who may endanger themselves or others if they consume illicit drugs prior to or during the workday. Most employers in Cleveland, TN have some sort of drug testing program in place for employment candidates, but these systems can be time-consuming.

Developing a safe and effective drug screening program can be challenging for Cleveland, TN employers. However, by choosing McPherson Physicals as an established and experienced drug testing clinic, employers can have access to a comprehensive set of employment-related drug testing services. One of the most reliable drug screening options we offer is oral fluid testing. Oral fluid testing can be collected anywhere, requires no observation, and are donor tamper resistant.

What Is Oral Fluid Drug Testing?

There are many types of drug screening services that Cleveland, TN employees use. However, many of the available options aren’t as reliable or as efficient as others. In fact, some tests could take at least a few days to see results. Additionally, more complex testing methods typically include a higher cost margins, and this can further complicate the employment drug screening process. Oral drug tests in Cleveland, TN offer an alternative to these costly, time-consuming screening methods that in some cases must be observed to be useful. Similar to urine testing, oral fluid drug testing can identify drug use and also catch instances of recent drug consumption. Since donors can’t adulterate these tests as they are tamper resistant, they become a much better option.

Why Is Oral Drug Screening a Great Choice for Employers?

McPherson Physicals in Cleveland, TN exclusively provides an FDA-approved oral fluid collection system for drug testing, launched in 2011 by a group of scientific experts with the goal of creating a drug testing system that provided fast and accurate results. The federal government is currently considering regulations for oral fluid drug testing. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently took a major step toward approving the use of oral fluid drug testing by publishing the Oral Fluid Mandatory Guidelines in the Federal Register.

In addition to potential federal approval, oral drug testing is also reliable due to the fact that sample collection can take place virtually anywhere. Oral fluid collection typically only takes a few minutes. It is easily observable by a supervisory party, which reduces the chances of sample tampering. Additionally, a visible collection window ensures test administrators will be certain when they have a large enough sample, eliminating potential scenarios of test samples being too small.

Oral fluid drug testing can detect several types of illicit drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, methamphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP), and opiates.

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