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Drug Screening

Pre-employment drug screening is a common practice for all types of employers in the United States. It’s reasonable for modern companies to want to ensure that potential new hires will be safe additions to their teams and physically able to handle the rigors of their new jobs. Drug tests also are essential parts of the DOT employment system and the criminal justice network of the Cleveland, TN, area.

McPherson Physicals proudly offers drug screening services along with breath alcohol tests that can identify various types of substance abuse. Employers, parole officers, court officials, and even parents can take advantage of these services to detect drug abuse of multiple kinds.

Do You Need a Drug Test in Cleveland, TN?

Many employers across all industries require new employees to submit to drug screens. Cleveland, TN, employers need to ensure that new hires are alert, focused, and sober if they work in potentially hazardous work environments, handle dangerous equipment as part of their daily duties or participates in Drug Free Tennessee Workplace program. A pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion  drug screening in Cleveland, TN, can provide security to an employer when it comes to the safety of their employees and maintaining a drug-free workplace in Cleveland, TN.

Department of Transportation drug screens – or DOT drug screens that include breath alcohol tests – are required by the government for safety-sensitive employees. Those are employees whose jobs impact the safety of others and themselves. A few examples are employees of the:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – FMCSA
  • Federal Transit Administration – FTA
  • Federal Aviation Administration – FAA
  • Federal Railroad Administration – FRA

Employees may need regular DOT drug screenings or breath alcohol tests to stay compliant.

Drug screening also plays an essential role in the criminal justice system. For example, a parent working toward gaining child custody visitations may need to submit to random drug tests in Cleveland, TN, and, for that reason, a judge may issue court-ordered drug tests in Cleveland, TN.

Drug Screening Services Available From McPherson Physicals

The team at McPherson Physicals maintains a highly secure facility to ensure the utmost privacy for every drug screening service we provide. We understand that different employers have different needs when it comes to maintaining drug-free workplaces in Cleveland, TN, so we offer several types of testing for court-ordered drug tests, pre-employment and DOT drug screening in Cleveland:

  • Urine drug screens in Cleveland, TN, are the simplest form of drug screening and can test for the presence of drugs metabolite or alcohol in the body. We can perform a five- or 10-panel test for various substances using a urine sample via Lab and MRO confirmation or Rapid Instant confirmation.
  • Hair follicle drug tests in Cleveland, TN, are more complex by providing a 5 to a 17 panel test. This form of forensic drug test uses a specimen’s hair follicles to detect drug use in the past 10 to 90 days. By measuring specific metabolites the human body produces to process drugs, hair drug screening in Cleveland, TN, offers a more accurate test result than a urine test. McPherson Physicals works closely with the Omega Corporation forensics lab to process hair-follicle drug-screening samples.
  • Oral drug testing in Cleveland, TN, is a new addition to forensic drug tests. Using saliva from the donor, an oral test takes 10 minutes for a rapid read or can be sent to the laboratory for an MRO confirmation. Not only is it convenient, oral testing in Cleveland, TN also eliminates the possibility of specimen tampering and reduces the time required to accommodate for a shy bladder. If you have any of the barriers to urine drug testing listed above, then saliva drug testing may be perfect for you at McPherson Physicals in Cleveland, TN.
  • Nail Bed drug testing in Cleveland, TN is considered one of the most thorough drug tests currently available. Using fingernails from the donor, nail clippings are collected  and sent to a special laboratory.  Nail bed testing in Cleveland, TN not only eliminates sample tampering but can also show drug use from 10 -180 days and is the test of choice for many court ordered testing in Cleveland, TN. McPherson Physicals is a premier nail bed collection site in Cleveland, TN associated with USDTL.
  • Breath Alcohol screening is used primarily for DOT testing in Cleveland, TN. Referred to as BAT, a breath alcohol is used to confirm alcohol consumption within the past 12 hours. All BAT technicians at McPherson Physicals in Cleveland, TN are DOT certified.

Urine testing along with Oral testing offers quick and accurate results, but it provides a much shorter window of drug use than hair-follicle or nail bed drug tests. Cleveland, TN, business owners who need to ensure their employees are not abusing illicit drugs may wish to invest in more robust testing by selecting hair follicle or nail bed testing. In contrast, urine drug screening in Cleveland, TN, provides a cost-effective and reliable means of performing random drug tests.

What Drugs Are Detectable With These Tests?

When you select the five-panel test for drug screening in Cleveland, TN, the test can detect five types of substances:

  • COC (cocaine)
  • THC (marijuana)
  • PCP (phencyclidine)
  • AMP (amphetamines: speed, Adderall, Dexedrine, methamphetamine)
  • OPI (opiates: morphine, heroin, codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone)

The 10-panel test can include these five panels as well as five additional panels:

  • BZO (benzodiazepines, such as Valium and Xanax)
  • BAR (barbiturates: Phenobarbital, sedatives, hypnotics)
  • MDMA (methylenedioxyphenethylamine, also known as Ecstasy or Molly)
  • MTD (methadone)
  • PPX (propoxyphene, a type of pain narcotics)

Whether you need to arrange DOT drug tests in Cleveland, TN, a court-ordered drug test for a Cleveland criminal case, or simply want to make sure your children are not experimenting with illicit drugs, McPherson Physicals can help. Contact us online or call us at (423) 478-8992 for additional information about the drug screening services we offer in the Cleveland, TN area.