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Ancestry DNA Testing

Retrace your ancestry with the help of Ancestry DNA Testing from McPherson Physicals. Ancestry DNA testing is a simple but significant process for many Americans, helping them answer mysteries about their families and get in touch with their roots. This information can help an individual appreciate their identity on a deeper level, understand family trends more easily, and ultimately feel at peace knowing their ancestral lineage.

When you come to McPherson Physicals for Ancestry DNA Testing, you can choose from a range of services including:

  • DNA origin testing. This test will provide you with a breakdown of your lineage divided by percentages.
  • Paternal lineage testing. We can help you trace the ancestral line from your father back through history.
  • Maternal lineage testing. If you would like to trace your mother’s ancestral line, we can help with that, too.

These services are straightforward, painless, and provide you with the peace of mind and certainty you desire when it comes to an understanding of your family history and your place in the world.

What to Expect From Ancestry DNA Testing at McPherson Physicals

Many people might find the idea of submitting to DNA testing daunting, but collecting your DNA is painless and takes only a few minutes at the McPherson Physicals testing center. We collect DNA samples using buccal swabs, small silicone-tipped applicators that resemble Q-tips, which a team member will use to swab the inside of your mouth.

After submitting your DNA sample, we will conduct a series of laboratory tests to determine the results of your Ancestry DNA test. Depending on the type of service you require, your results will display in different formats.

When your test results are complete, you will receive them in the form of two PDF files. The first is a Personalized Certificate PDF that includes your haplogroup designation and a map that will show the estimated path that your ancestors traveled and where they settled in the Old World. You will also receive a Lineage Results Manual PDF that explains all your test results in detail and provides supplemental information on ancestry DNA testing and the history of human migration.

More Information About Ancestry DNA Testing Options at McPherson Physicals

The different ancestry DNA testing options available from McPherson Physicals in Cleveland, TN, offer a more in-depth look into your genetic makeup. When you choose DNA Origins testing, you will receive a readout of your genetic makeup with estimated percentages from four population groups: European, Indigenous American, East Asian, and Sub Saharan African.

Maternal lineage testing will show results using haplogroups, the genetic groups of people sharing the same set of DNA markers tracing back to a specific geographic area in history. This form of Ancestry DNA testing traces mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, from the cytoplasm of the cell as a small, circular chromosome. Only mothers pass this mtDNA. There may be thousands of copies of this mtDNA per cell. The Hypervariable Regions (HVR) these mtDNA particles contain are useful data in ancestry research.

Paternal lineage testing offers similar insights but traces the Y chromosome back through generations. The Y chromosome remains relatively unchanged after each generation, and only males can submit for paternal lineage testing. However, females who wish to trace paternal lineage can have her father, brother, or another relative in her paternal line submit to testing. McPherson Physicals can trace a test subject’s Y chromosomal history by the Y haplogroup, showing the national origins of the ancestors of that haplogroup.

If you want to start digging into your genetic history, contact us online or call us at (423) 478-8992 for more details about our Ancestry DNA testing services in Cleveland, TN.


Ancestry DNA Testing
Paternal DNA Testing