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Peace of Mind DNA Testing

At McPherson Physicals, we know that some family issues can create tension among loved ones. Only science can offer the answers that will put troubled minds at ease. All types of situations can lead to questions of paternity within a family. Some individuals simply want to know the truth so they can finally have peace of mind, which is what McPherson Physicals offers with our Peace of Mind DNA Testing service.

What Is a Peace of Mind DNA Test?

This form of DNA testing is aptly named. It is a private and personal test designed solely for personal use; it is not a court-admissible test as some of the other DNA testing services we offer are. It is for personal knowledge only and allows you to conduct a DNA test to confirm suspicions about paternity quietly and discreetly.

McPherson Physicals offers Peace of Mind DNA testing for up to three individuals per test. A few examples of the types of Peace of Mind DNA tests we offer include:

  • Paternal and maternal DNA testing.
  • Siblingship testing.
  • Grandparentage DNA testing.

With every test we conduct, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to data privacy and security. We process every DNA sample in a highly controlled and secure facility and release your results to you alone. If you want to conduct any type of DNA test for your peace of mind, we want to ensure you also have peace of mind when it comes to the security and privacy of your data that we must collect to conduct your test.

What to Expect With a Peace of Mind DNA Test

If you choose McPherson Physicals to conduct your Peace of Mind DNA test, you can rest assured our staff will answer any questions you might have before, during, and after your testing procedure. The actual DNA collection is probably the simplest and most straightforward part of the whole process. We collect DNA using buccal (cheek) swabs, which are sterile polyester tipped applicators that swab saliva from the inside of the mouth. The sample collection takes a few seconds and is painless.

Our Peace of Mind DNA Testing for paternity typically compares samples from two to 3 individuals to deduce paternity and biological relationships. These individuals could include:

  • A child, the child’s mother, and the child’s alleged father.
  • A child and alleged fathers.
  • A Grandparent and a child.
  • Additional testing parties can be an add-on to any test

If you want to confirm siblingship, you can submit to DNA testing with an alleged sibling or half-sibling to determine paternal and maternal connections. Twin DNA testing, used primarily to determine if two twins are identical, is similar. This type of testing is useful in determining compatibility for bone marrow and organ transplants. Identical twins will register as monozygotic, meaning their mother’s egg divided into two separate yet identical embryos; the twins will have identical DNA. Non-identical, or dizygotic, twins develop from two different fertilized eggs.

These testing services can help an individual confirm or deny suspicions about family ties and other paternity-related issues. In some cases, a Peace of Mind DNA test may become a precursor to a full-fledged legal analysis. No matter what your situation dictates, you can expect compassionate and informative support from the team at McPherson Physicals. Contact us online or call us at (423) 478-8992 to schedule your appointment for a Peace of Mind DNA test in Cleveland, TN or for more information about this service.


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