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DOT Physical CDLWhat is a DOT physical?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a crucial duty to ensure that the drivers responsible for hauling cargo across the country are fit enough to handle the rigors of the job. One of the essential parts of the current hiring process for the DOT is the physical examination for prospective drivers. At McPherson Physicals, our team specializes in providing thorough and accurate DOT physicals to potential drivers and other personnel, whether they are hauling commerce or precious cargo like our local students.

Who needs a DOT physical?

 All CDL Drivers must have a DOT physical

Before applying for a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), you must pass a DOT physical, and bring the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) proof, by showing your MedCert Card (Medical Certification Card)

CDL is required for any person that will be driving:

  • A single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 lbs. or heavier. AND/OR
  • Any vehicle as described above that is towing another vehicle weighing UP TO10,000 lbs.

    There are 3 classes and 9 endorsements for your CDL

    Class A

    • Tractor-trailers
    • Truck and trailer combinations
    • Tractor-trailer buses
    • Tanker vehicles
    • Livestock carriers
    • Flatbeds

    Class B

    • Straight trucks
    • Large buses
      • City buses
      • Tourist buses
      • School buses
      • Segmented buses
    • Dump trucks with small trailers
    • Box trucks
      • Delivery drivers
      • Couriers
      • Furniture delivery

    Class C

    • Small HAZMAT vehicles
    • Passenger vans
    • Combination vehicles not described in class A or B.
      Example: A small truck towing a trailer

    Eligible Endorsements for each Class

    Class C License must hold one or more of the following endorsements:

    • Hazardous Materials (H)
    • Passenger Transport (P)
    • School Bus (S) (this is an optional endorsement, not a requirement and cannot be held by itself with a Class C License)

    Class B License can hold one or more of the following endorsements:

    • Hazardous Materials (H)
    • Passenger Transport (P)
    • School Bus (S)
    • Tank Vehicle (N)
    • Tanker and Hazardous Materials (X)

    Class A License can hold one or more of the following endorsements:

    • Hazardous Materials (H)
    • Passenger Transport (P)
    • School Bus (S)
    • Tank Vehicle (N)
    • Tanker and Hazardous Materials (X)
    • Double/Triples (T)

    Some companies require a DOT Physical for operating NON – CDL vehicles < 26,000 pounds such as:

    • Small delivery trucks, vans, couriers, < 18 passenger vans /buses etc.
    • Large moving equipment, farm equipment, construction vehicles, forklift, etc.

    How to Prepare

    What to bring:

    • Bring your drivers’ license.
    • Bring a list of your current medications, as well as the name and phone number of the doctor who prescribed them.
    • Do you wear eye glasses, contact lenses, hearing aid? Bring them with you!
    • If you use a CPAP bring your latest 90 compliance report.

    lab TestsWhat to expect:

    • A review of your Medical history
    • A physical exam including:
      • Vision test
      • Hearing test
      • Blood pressure
      • Urine test

    The US department of Transportation sets the following guidelines:

    • Drivers must have 20/40 vision in each eye. Glasses/contact lenses are permitted.
    • Drivers can now be a diabetic on needle-injected insulin; diabetes controlled through a diet or oral medication is permitted. Form 5870 is required.
    • A driver’s blood pressure must be under 139/89. Prescription medication to control blood pressure is permitted.
    • Use of a schedule 1 drug, amphetamine, narcotic, or any other habit forming drug is not permitted.
    • Bus drivers with S class license can get up to 1 year Certificate for the state of Tennessee
    • All other drivers are eligible for a 2 year Certificate

    When you pass your DOT Physical, you will be given your MedCert Card (Medical Certification Card)

    • We register your Medical Certification online with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
    • We provide information on getting your Self Certification Affidavit registered with your issuing state.

    Why choose McPherson Physicals for your DOT Physical?

    • Don’t sit at a sick clinic with sick patients!
    • Most appointments you are in and out in 30 minutes.
    • Same day appointments available! Schedule by clicking BOOK NOW
    • Required appointments assure a minimal wait time!
    • All paperwork is completed electronically.
    • You receive a laminated copy of your MedCert Card to keep in your wallet, as well as your full size certificate!
    • We go the extra mile at McPherson Physicals!

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