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DOT Physical CDL

DOT Physicals

We specialize in DOT Physicals with no wait!  Don’t sit at a doctor’s office for hours with sick patients!  Our Licensed Medical Staff is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as a National Certified Medical Examiner. You will leave with a certified copy of your Long Form, and a laminated MedCert card for your wallet.  Upon completion of your exam, we register your Medical Certificate online with the FMCSA. We go the extra mile at McPherson Physicals!!!

Urine Drug Screen

Drug Screening

Whether you are an employer testing a future employee, or a parent wanting to inquire about a family member, McPherson Physicals of Cleveland, TN is here to meet all of your drug testing needs.  We offer urine drug testing as well as oral, nail bed and hair-follicle drug testing.  With Instant urine drug testing, you will know your results moments after the specimen is collected.  We also offer MRO Confirmed drug testing.  If you wish to have Medical Review Officer (MRO) Confirmed results, in some cases our lab offers 24 hours turn around service to get the results fast.

Father and baby

DNA Testing

We offer reliable DNA testing for court and peace-of-mind. The Legal DNA Test carried out by McPherson Physicals is a Paternity Test, with sealed court-admissible results.
Getting a paternity test can be a stressful time, so we are here to make it as comfortable as possible.

Paternity testing does not need to be a scary thing; it is fast, easy, and painless! All of our DNA testing is non-invasive mouth swabs. You can know that your test results will be accurate, and confidential.

We strive to get you your results fast!

DNA Testing

We offer proven DNA testing services, including paternity, ancestry and peace of mind testing.


DOT Physicals


We specialize in DOT physicals with quick, professional service!

Drug Screening

We offer both hair follicle and urine drug screening and work with companies needing a quick response time.


Bus Driver DOT Physicals

Get your bus driver’s DOT Physical in minutes.  We are not a walk-in clinic, we specialize in physicals!


Hair Follicle Testing

We offer hair follicle drug testing which can detect drugs in a system fro up to 90 days.


Certified, Professional, On-Site or Mobile

The medical industry provides more services than most people realize. While hospitals and specialist clinics focus on individual care, other health care facilities play a vital role in medical testing services for various applications. At McPherson Physicals, our team specializes in providing services for DOT physicals, drug screenings, DNA testing, and active court cases that require clinical test results as evidence. These are essential processes that often encounter delays when those requiring testing must work within traditional laboratory services through standard health care providers. If you want a specialized solution to your occupational physicals, testing and screening needs, we can help.

If you need DOT physicals, drug testing or are involved in a paternity dispute, want to research your genetic ancestry and require testing to do so, or if you must complete pre-employment drug screenings, McPherson Physicals is the premier testing clinic in the Cleveland, Tennessee, area. While typical medical screening services may take several weeks just to book an appointment, we focus solely on occupational testing, DOT Physicals, DNA testing and drug screenings, streamlining these processes for a wide variety of patients.

Whether you are in need of a DOT Physical, must submit DNA evidence for paternity testing to comply with a court order, or you wish to arrange a streamlined pre-employment drug screening process for your newly hired employees, McPherson Physicals can help. Our team knows how to handle all types of testing and screening processes accurately and discreetly. The leaders of McPherson Physicals have more than 40 combined years of practical experience and offer a wide range of medical expertise to our patients and clients.

Whether you require individual testing or an extensive screening process for 1,000 employees, McPherson Physicals has the experience and resources to handle all your medical testing and drug screening needs. Contact us online or call us at (423) 478-8992 for more details about the services we offer.

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