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Paternity DNS Tests

McPherson Physicals is a leading DNA testing center for paternity tests in Cleveland, TN. We specialize in advanced DNA testing, swiftly collecting samples and providing results to our clients much faster than most other local DNA testing services.

DNA testing is the quickest and easiest method of determining a child’s true parentage. This service is invaluable for families throughout the Cleveland, TN, area. Whether it’s just for parents’ peace of mind or use in a child custody dispute, McPherson Physicals can help.

What Is a Paternity DNA Test?

McPherson Physicals provides legal paternity tests, which are admissible in court for paternity disputes and child custody cases. This test requires comparing DNA samples from a parent and alleged child to determine whether a biological relationship exists between the two. Our team understands that if you are in a situation that requires completing a paternity test in Cleveland, TN, the whole situation can be daunting and stressful. We make the process as quick and painless as possible.

What to Expect From a Paternity DNA Test at McPherson Physicals

The thought of submitting to a paternity DNA test may be scary, but the process is painless and requires only a few minutes of your time when you choose McPherson Physicals as your testing center.

We collect DNA samples using buccal swabs, which are sterile polyester-tipped applicators, to collect saliva from the inside of a test subject’s mouth. Every individual submitting for testing will have a photograph taken to accompany their test results. The whole process will take only a few minutes. In fact, our team can handle testing for up to three or more individuals in one comparison test:

  • We can test a child, the child’s mother, and the alleged father.
  • We can conduct a paternity test using samples from a child and supposed father.
  • We can also test two children.
  • Additional testing parties are possible add-ons with any collection.

McPherson Physicals wants to make the paternity test process as easy as possible. All test subjects do not need to come at the same time for testing. We handle every paternity test in Cleveland, TN, with the highest level of confidentiality. We never provide results over the phone and disclose test results only to those who submit for testing.

What Do I Need for a Paternity Test in Cleveland, TN?

When you come to McPherson Physicals for Paternity DNA Testing, we may require specific documentation depending on the reason for your test.

  • McPherson will photograph all paternity DNA testing subjects, so their photos can accompany their test results.
  • For some court-ordered paternity tests and child support collection-related tests, subjects may be required to submit thumbprint identification.
  • All test subjects must provide formal identification such as a valid driver’s license to accompany their test results and ensure they qualify as admissible for court. Children under 18 must have their birth certificates.

If you have any questions about your paternity test in Cleveland, TN, the team at McPherson Physicals is available to answer them before, during, and after your paternity test procedure. We maintain the highest levels of information security at our testing facility and ensure complete privacy of your paternity testing results. Contact us online or call us at (423) 478-8992 for more information about Paternity DNA testing in Cleveland, TN.

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