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Hair Follicle Drug Screening | McPherson Physicals
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A hair follicle drug screen is a forensic toxicology test that identifies if someone has ingested drugs in the past 5 to 90 days. It measures the drug molecules and their specific metabolites that are produced only after the drug has been processed by the human body.

Hair Follicle Drug testing offers up to a 90-day window for detection of drug use, which is much farther than a urine drug screen could.

The lab that we use for all Hair Follicle Drug Screening is:


All Hair Drug Testing is not the same!

Advantages of using Psychemedics over other hair drug testing companies:

PsychMedicsPsychemedics patented process is a far superior method for getting ingested drugs out of the inside of the hair. In addition to being the only lab to have FDA clearance for both head and body hair, Psychemedics offers:

  • Increased accuracy and identification of users
  • Significantly smaller sample of hair required
  • FDA clearance not limited to just head hair
  • Eliminates external contamination
  • Resistance to evasion
  • Unmatched legal track record
  • Industry leading detection of marijuana

Helpful Resources for Hair Follicle Drug Testing:



We use a new awesome program called FormFox! No more filling out paper Chain of Custody’s!

FormFox is a web-based software application utilized by drug testing collection sites for managing the specimen collection process; and associated record keeping, administrative and management tasks.

  • This software driven process results in fewer mistakes by enforcing protocol and validation procedures
  • Pre-ordering gives full control of key donor and service information, eliminating confusion
  • Automated and electronic distribution of data and digital forms allows for faster turn-around times, leading to quicker decisions!

Of the many ways FormFox enhances the specimen collection process there are two key improvements over the traditional paper form process:

  • First, FormFox provides a mandatory procedural template that guides the collector step-by-step and validates entry and suitability of required data.
  • Second, FormFox generates an accurate and complete Custody and Control Form (CCF) that can be distributed in either an electronic or paper format, ensuring downstream parties such as the laboratory and Medical Review Officer can complete the drug test in a defensible and timely manner.

Employers can fill out donor information online prior to sending employees in for drug screens. Employers print out the authorization letter directly from Form Fox, send the authorization letter with that employee to the collection site, and we can pull them up with quickly and efficiently just by scanning that bar code.