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Peace of Mind DNA Testing | McPherson Physicals
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A Peace of Mind DNA test is exactly what it says.

This type of test is suitable for those who want a relationship test just for their own Peace of Mind.

  • Peace of Mind DNA Testing is not legally defensible (accepted by courts and other government agencies). This test is for personal knowledge only.
  • Peace of Mind DNA Testing allows you to privately test suspicions quietly before proceeding with a legal test.
  • Samples may be taken at separate times, when each party is available. Once everyone’s samples have been collected, they then can be sent all together to the laboratory.
  • All Peace of Mind DNA Testing can test up to three individuals.
  • Your DNA samples are processed in a secured facility that has established screening protocols. This guarantees the utmost privacy and security of all samples and personal information.

Type of Peace of Mind DNA Testing Include

  • Paternal / Maternal DNA Testing
  • Siblingship DNA Testing
  • Twin DNA Testing

Paternal DNA TestingPaternal / Maternal DNA Testing

This test is for those wanting to establish the paternity or maternity of a child for their own peace of mind, and can not to be used for any legal reason. It is not essential to test the mother, but it will help to obtain a conclusive result.

DNA testing does not need to be a scary thing; it is fast, easy, and painless!

Paternal / Maternal DNA Testing Procedure

A buccal swab collection is taken from each person. This involves a swab from inside the mouth with a Sterile Polyester Tipped Applicator. It only takes a few seconds to collect the sample.

Our test includes up to three individuals. Some examples include:

  • Mother | Father | Child
  • Alleged Father 1 | Alleged Father 2 | Child
  • Alleged Father | Child 1 | Child 2

Siblingship DNA TestingSiblingship DNA Testing

A test to determine whether two people are full, or half siblings (sisters or brothers)

  • Full siblings have the same mother and the same father.
  • Half siblings only share one biological parent.

Twin DNA Testing

It is possible for DNA analysis to be carried out to determine whether or not twins are identical. This is called Zygosity testing and can be used to confirm suitability for organ or bone marrow transplantation.

  • Identical twins are known as monozygotic. This means that they were formed from a single fertilized egg, which went on to separate into two embryos and that their DNA is exactly the same.
  • Non-identical twins are known as dizygotic. This means that they are the result of two separate fertilized eggs and that they share half of their genes in common like other brothers and sisters.