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Ancestry DNA Testing | McPherson Physicals
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Retrace your ancestors’ footsteps with Ancestry DNA Testing from McPherson Physicals in Cleveland, TN.

Ancestry DNA TestingAvailable Ancestry DNA Tests

  • DNA Origins – Discover your estimated percentage of ancestry
  • Paternal Lineage – Trace your lineage and find out your ancestral origins
  • Maternal Lineage – Trace your lineage and find out your ancestral origins
  • Dual Lineage – Trace both your Paternal & Maternal lineage

What you will receive:

  • Personalized Certificate PDF: Displays your haplogroup designation and map showing your ancestors’ journey and where they initially settled in the old world.
  • Lineage Results Manual PDF: Explains your results in detail and provides more information about ancestry testing and human migration history.

Ancestry DNA testing is collected via Buccal Swab; a quick and easy process of swabbing the inside of the mouth.  Ancestry DNA testing is for recreational purposes only and is not for any medical or legal purpose. Your samples will be stored in the laboratory for 90 days after receipt, after which they will be destroyed according to laboratory guidelines.

DNA Origins

Use your DNA to determine your genetic makeup, and where your Ancestors were from.

This test delivers the estimated percentages of ancestry from four different distinct population groups;  European, Indigenous American, East Asian, Sub Saharan Africa.

Maternal Lineage

Results of a maternal lineage test are expressed in terms of haplogroups – genetic groups of people who share the same set of DNA markers and can be traced to a certain geographical area that they settle at a particular point in human history.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

  • Mitochondrial DNA is found in the cytoplast, outside the nucleus.
  • Only passed through the mother; during fertilization, only nuclear DNA from the sperm enters the cell, thus the father does not make any contribution to the mitochondrial DNA.
  • Abundant in number; anywhere between hundreds to thousands of copies per cell.
  • mtDNA is found as a small, circular chromosome.

Mitochondrial DNA codes for proteins that are involved in cellular respiration. In addition, certain regions of the mtDNA, called Hypervariable Regions (HVR), are useful in ancestry research.

Paternal Lineage

The Paternal Lineage test is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is passed down from father to child relatively unchanged through several generations. Special sections on the Y chromosome are examined to determine a person’s Y haplogroup; revealing the geographic origins of his ancestors as evidenced by common DNA markers.

Only males have the Y chromosome, but if a female wants to find out about her paternal ancestry, she can ask her brother, father, or other relative along the same paternal line to take the test.